Coding with Jesse

About Me

My name is Jesse Skinner. I'm a freelance web developer, part-time college professor, author, speaker, husband and father. I'm a Canadian from Barrie, Ontario, an hour drive north of Toronto.

I was born in 1980, and I've had a computer since 1983. As a child, I read programming magazines and typed the BASIC code into my Coleco Adam. I started running a BBS in 1992, chatting, sending messages, making ANSI graphics, trading files and playing games with people over the computer. I started using the Internet in 1994, and made a web page for my high school band in 1995.

I've been working as a professional web developer since 2001, and graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2004 with a "Bachelor of Mathematics" in Computer Science. I've been doing freelance web development since 2006, helping a wide variety of clients build web applications with JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Previously I heavily used jQuery, then React, and lately I've been mostly using Svelte.

I love to help people learn web development, and I enjoy sharing my learning and development process. I stream regularly on Twitch. I also record coding videos for YouTube.

I write regularly here on Coding with Jesse. I wrote a book for O'Reilly called Unobtrusive Ajax. I've also given a number of talks.

Well, that's enough about me. What about you? Please feel free to get in touch.