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Carnival of the Web #3

Hello and welcome to the third edition of the Carnival of the Web! Despite this being the middle of the summer, it's obviously not everyone has been on holiday. This month we have some more great blog posts I hope you'll enjoy. For more information on this carnival, or to submit an article, check out the carnival info page.

First off, Dustin Diaz shows how JavaScript can be a bit more object-oriented by showing us How to achieve private, public, and privileged members in JavaScript.

Next, Simon Willison gives a detailed review with the ups and downs of Sticking with Opera 9.

Justin Palmer insists we should worry more about code readability than length by exploring Why Chef Boyardee Doesn't Write Javascript.

If you're hungry for some Bite Size Standards, why not learn how to Clean up code with semantic anchors.

Dean Edwards brings the for-loop into the 21st century in Enumerating JavaScript Objects.

Jeremy Keith explains why the only way web developers are going to be able to work with JavaScript is by Learning JavaScript.

James Bennett gives some perspective on what security really means with Let’s talk about frameworks, security edition.

Clay Mabbitt over at Web Design Business Best Practices walks us through a useful but often overlooked aspect of database design, showing how to leave an audit trail in your database.

Joe Kissell brings us the next Interesting Thing of the Day, a look at the million dollar homepage and how to make a fortune with paperclips and pixels.

D Kai Wilson of Mechanical Regurgitation brings us through an often necessary sanity check by asking the question: Are YOU listed on spam blacklists?

Sérgio Rebelo at twodotfive weighs the pros and cons of using a fixed layout with Blog Widths.

And to finish things off with a laugh, Avant News brings us news all the way from the year 2008, letting us know that Social Networking Site to Replace Traditional Voting.

Published on August 20th, 2006. © Jesse Skinner

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