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Carnival of the Web #4

September 17th, 2006

Welcome to the fourth Carnival of the Web.

First off, Jonathan Snook explains how to maintain an ideal source order while still displaying web site elements in the appropriate positions with Stackable CSS Columns.

Next, Joe Kissell at Interesting Thing of the Day explains just what is so unconventional about text-based ads.

Violeta of All Tips and Tricks shares her results of A personal experiment on internet traffic sources, trying to understand how social software fits in to web site marketing.

Dave Gooden wonders Am I missing something?, giving a skeptical look at the use of map mash-ups for real estate web sites.

Renata Vincoletto at A geek Family wonders what effects the internationalization of companies has on the freedom of nations to enforce their own laws, when Google has bad moments in Brazil.

Dominic Foster shares a simple checklist outlining how he set up WordPress.

And finally, Benjamin Yoskovitz helps non-designers understand the importance of choosing a look and feel of a web site, explaining How To Pick the Best Theme in WordPress For You.

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