Coding with Jesse

Death to Web 2.0 Buzzwords!

February 18th, 2006

As I've said before, and I'll say again, the last thing the web needs is Buzzword Hell. All buzzwords do is distract from the real tangible ways we can improve the web. So now, I introduce a way you can help save the world from Web 2.0 buzzwords!

Buzzword Hellfire

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1 . Joe Anderson at 2006-02-18T19:21:18.000Z

Joe Anderson

This is a really nice idea, and looks like nice code. Isn't very hard though. What about some Ajax high-scores?

2 . Joe at 2006-02-19T17:11:32.000Z


Hey Jesse,
I must have slow reflexes, it took 129 misses before in order to get them all.

3 . Jesse Wilson at 2006-02-28T16:46:37.000Z

Jesse Wilson

It's like duck hunt, but without the ducks!

4 . ness at 2006-03-08T16:06:04.000Z


very cool... but i really *have to work*

5 . Amanda at 2006-03-08T17:05:45.000Z


I think I need to work on my blowing up skills!

6 . John Tindale at 2008-12-11T17:26:33.000Z

John Tindale

I love it. too bad my touchpad sux~ 29 misses for 6 hits.