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March 9th, 2007

I've been really busy lately working on one of the coolest projects I've worked on: FlickrCash. It's built entirely using Ajax and JavaScript, specifically jQuery.

FlickrCash searches for photos on Flickr in the most efficient way, so that you can see as many thumbnails as will fit in your browser. It loads up to 10 pages in the background, so it's very fast to browse through to find the photo you need.

It's got some cool features, like a preview that pops up when you click a thumbnail, listing all the sizes that are available for that photo. If you sign up and create an account (for free), you can save your search results, and put together a "shareable lightbox" of photos with a secret URL. This way you can search for some photos and share them with your clients in order to get their feedback. For example, check out my Sunset Lightbox. This makes it really easy to use Flickr to find stock photography, whether for your print projects, blog posts, presentations, or just for fun.

Before I even had a chance to blog about FlickrCash, Lifehacker beat me to it. There's also a Youtube video you can check out that demos all the features I mentioned and more:


1 . Daniel Wintschel on March 13rd, 2007

Daniel Wintschel

Sheesh! Don't you think you're cool with all that fancy AJAX stuff! Nice work - the site looks great. Brilliant work.

2 . Augustine Fou on April 9th, 2007

Augustine Fou

some more details about features

- multi parameter search with negative keywords, which returns as many thumbnails as your screen can display
( )

- saved searches with roll-back to get back to where you left off during image research

- shareable lightboxes so clients can "heart" or "hate" images selected for the design project
( )

- auto/bulk watermarking of every image for every image owner on Flickr
( )

- installable lightbox grids and slideshows for publicity and marketing of images
( )

- royalty free licenses based on Creative Commons, archived for public inspection at any time
( )

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