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Flip Cancer The Bird

April 30th, 2006

There is a new charity drive web site Flip Cancer The Bird that will donate $0.50 for each picture sent in. The catch: the picture must have you giving the finger to Cancer.

I think this is a fun idea. I'll have to send in my photo next. :)


1 . Ultimate Groupie on April 30th, 2006

Ultimate Groupie

Excellent idea!

But, I hate to be a party can I be sure that the money goes to the charities? I couldn't find anything on that.

2 . Jesse Skinner on April 30th, 2006

Jesse Skinner

You're totally right - it could just be bullshit. But then again, why would they lie about it?

Whether or not they donate money, I think it's an interesting concept just to raise some attention to cancer and donating money to fight cancer. And if it happens to throw a few dollars towards fighting cancer, that's great too.

Let's hope it's real, though, anyway.

3 . The Ultimate Groupie on May 3rd, 2006

The Ultimate Groupie

I hope it's real.

It's just if I were to start that site, the first thing I would think of is how I can let customers know that this is for real (especially when it's going to charity). I think it is something most 'customers' would question, so I would want them to feel good about the whole thing.

I saw some sponsor ads already, and that's what got me worried: the possibility that the sponsors could be paying them, yet there is nowhere that shows people how the money is going to be given to charities and really no mentions of charity specifics (aside from the names).

From what I gathered, it's being promoted by BlogAdvance now (no wonder their ad is there). It doesn't tell me anything, oh well...

If it's not real, it's genius!

4 . Ensellitis on May 5th, 2006


I can assure you it is real. None of the sponsors are donating any cash to the project. The money is paid out of pocket, by me. I take cancer very seriously as I have lost family, friends, and nearly myself to it.

The only ads there are for BlogAdvance, a site in which I am co-owner, and Antidote Records, who purchased the domain. They do note donate any money. Any requests I have been emailed to send money directly to the project have been advised to instead send it directly to The American Institute for Cancer Research and/or The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I have not seen a dime for this at all, and I never want to.

Once the first donation is made, which is the 26th of May, a photocopy of the donation checks will posted on the site.

I would never but my reputation at risk for just a few photos of people throwing up the finger. I can't really prove anything untill the 26th, sadly, but once that day comes, hopefully that will put to rest any doubts anyone has about this project.

Thank you.

5 . THEMADADMIN on May 5th, 2006


I am sitting here trying to see how this can be a scam. No money is being collected, only going out.

I know Ensellitis and I have to say he is a very upstanding gent and a man of his word. He also would not lie about cancer, might flip it the bird but never lie.

6 . Deb on May 6th, 2006


I think it's lovely that people are worried about money that's not theirs and where it will go.

I'm a personal friend and business partner of Ensellitis and when he told me of the project I believed in him enough to send him a pic immediately.

The only thing anyone else has to do is send a pic and that'll take what? 3 minutes out of your blogging schedule? And it's not costing you anything.

Thanks to Jesse for help in spreading the word.

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