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Google PageRank Updating

February 23rd, 2006

That's right, Google's Toolbar PageRank seems to be updating today. It seems really uneven though. Some pages are updated, others aren't. Perhaps it'll take some time to finish updating. Currently this site is still sitting at a PR2. Let's see what happens by the end. :)

By the way, you can see the different PageRank values with this Live PageRank tool. It'll give you an idea of how your pages are doing across different data centres, and compare Toolbar PageRank to "Live" PageRank. Good luck!

Update: Live PageRank is now a thing of the past. It is reporting 0 for every domain, and Matt Cutts doubts this will ever change. Well it was fun while it lasted.


1 . Joe on February 23rd, 2006


Hey Jesse,

OK, I tried the Live PageRank link.

Now, How the Hell do I read it???


2 . Jesse Skinner on February 23rd, 2006

Jesse Skinner

On the Live PageRank page, when you put in your URL, you'll see a few dozen results. Each of these is a different Google server. From each server, you'll see the toolbar PageRank, and the "live" PageRank. The toolbar rank is what goes in the Google toolbar (for Firefox and IE). The "live" rank is what Google actually uses to sort search results.

You'll probably see a big difference across these results. This is because Google's in the middle of updating their servers. For example, this site is a "2" in the current toolbar. The results show PageRanks between 1 and 7 for this site. So, this means this site will probably (hopefully!) bump up to a 7 when Google's finished updating. It also might mean that my site is already considered a PR7 when Google does search result.

This is just an estimate, and there's no way to know for sure until it's all done. But it's the only estimate there is.

What does PageRank really mean? Practically nothing, I suppose. The real thing worth measuring is the site traffic, and since I get so little traffic from Google, PageRank is actually insignificant. But it's still fun to see. I guess at it's best, it's a pat on the back for doing SEO and/or making a really great useful site.

3 . Joe on February 23rd, 2006


Hey Jesse,
Thanks for the answer.

It shows my blog at 2 for most of the servers in the toolbar.

Hurray, It looks like the new PR's are between 4 to 7 now, so maybe I'll end up with a 5 or 6. Hopefully...


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