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Hire an Ajax Freelancer

May 17th, 2006

If you want Ajax on your web site, I'm your man.

Although I'm already available to do all types of web freelancing, I want to emphasize that I specialize as an advanced JavaScript, CSS and Ajax freelancer. I've been doing Ajax and other advanced JavaScript for over two years now, and it's really my favourite thing to do.

If you're not really sure what is possible, I can also offer suggestions on ways to improve the usability of your site while still following best practices, web standards and accessibility guidelines.

So if you want to use some animation, auto-complete, XMLHttpRequest or any of that other Ajax stuff on your web site, or if you are a web developer or designer who needs help with JavaScript, please contact me.

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1 . Anand at 2007-01-04T08:24:32.000Z


I am looking for a freelancer who can work for me on projects for my fortune 100 clients.

I infact need a person who can complete the AJAX portion of the project alone which my team is not able to do. And so I would need someone to do the coding and also explain us on what he has done inside it. This will help my guys in understanding and integrating that specific module into our coding again.

Please let me know if you would be interested in such a free lancing activity.


2 . Sudarshana at 2007-01-21T09:56:05.000Z


Hi: I came across you after a web search. You have a nice blog. Good job! I need someone who is enthusiastic about Ajax, and has a thorough understanding of Web2.0 standards and practices, to work with me on a web applications development project. Could you please mail me if you are available right now, and what would be the fees you looking at. Thanks. Sudarshana.

3 . jack hoffman at 2009-10-26T12:03:37.000Z

jack hoffman

we need 1+ year exe work in ajax for our banglore location pls suite a email to [email protected]

4 . Atul Khandar at 2010-07-19T12:56:51.000Z

Atul Khandar

I am running a software company in Nagpur (Mahrashtra) having office in banglore and i am looking out some good development projects in .net and php technologies. i have a very good development team for above skill set.


Atul Khandar
+91 9890118274