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IBM: Where and when to use Ajax

February 6th, 2008

My second IBM developerWorks article is now online: Where and when to use Ajax in your applications.

It's not a very technical article, so you can read it even if you've never programmed before. I talk about the benefits of using Ajax, and point out some problem areas that need special attention so that Ajax doesn't end up ruining your web site. It's essentially a summary of my Unobtrusive Ajax book.

The article was fun to write and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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1 . Tony Austin (NotesTracker) at 2008-02-09T03:43:40.000Z

Tony Austin (NotesTracker)

Excellent developerWorks article, Jesse! It makes some very telling points in a very concise, readable fashion.

2 . lewis litanzios at 2008-02-26T21:48:11.000Z

lewis litanzios

hmm, i wish i knew how ajax worked :(

great writing style as per jesse :)

3 . jakoes at 2008-04-11T14:31:38.000Z


very useful

4 . Manchumahara at 2008-10-26T10:25:39.000Z


Thanks. This article is helpfull.

5 . Reagon at 2008-12-24T10:45:44.000Z


Useful One Jesse. Thanks