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Inspiration from Television?

December 6th, 2005

John at Success Begins Today just mentioned that he has put up some new inspirational articles. He writes:

Most people receive inspiration from people they see on television or hear on the radio.

I think this is sad..but probably true. I can't help but imagine millions of people sitting at home, watching TV, thinking "if only I could be rich and famous like that person". Personally, and lately, I get all my inspiration from reading stuff on the Internet. Now, I'm not being stuck up about different types of media. I realise I'm in the rare minority that rarely watches television and spends all my time on the Internet. And I think inspiration is wonderful no matter where it is found.

Nonetheless, television just represents a different world to me. I can't remember the last time I was inspired by people on television or radio. For some reason the phonyness of "celebrities" really turns me off; I never want to be a "celebrity". I have no interest in getting my 15 minutes of fame. And I don't feel the ability to entertain is some incredibly rare talent that should be held high above all other talents and abilities.

I like to see people who believe in a purpose or have seemingly impossible goals, and have focused on those goals over a long enough time that they have succeeded in one form or another. I like to read about how they started off the same as all of us, yet broke through and achieved great things. Sure, these people end up on television sometimes. Like John's example, sports heros can certainly be inspirational. But they are rarely referered to as "celebrities". The people that the television world chooses to "celebrate" are not the same ones I would choose to.

If you disagree, or if you feel I'm missing something, I'd love to hear your comments.

[Update: I've been mulling this over since I wrote the response, trying to determine what it is that frustrates me. I've decided I'm frustrated at the artificial divide that television seems to create. I am frustrated that millions of people think they could never achieve the things they see on tv; that only "experts" or "geniuses" can accomplish such things. And as a result, they don't even try.

I find the most inspiration when I'm reminded that everyone is capable of everything. I believe it's just a matter of attitude, including integrity, passion, devotion.

As John later mentioned, realism is very important. Both to keep plans realistic, but also being realistic with what is possible. I think most people put unrealistic limitations on their lives.]


1 . taunto on December 11st, 2005


are you putting down celebrities or the media glamorizing them. Just curious. I m sure plenty of people feel the way you do including myself.....but we make the choices....good or bad theyre ours.
Although i feel the same about your opinion that the ability to entertain shouldn't be put above the rest....But probably, depending of course, above a lot of the other talents.
for example the worlds fastest eater (which, i would think, is also a form of entertaining).

2 . Jesse on December 12nd, 2005


I only have a problem with the way the media glamorizes celebrities, or rather, I have a problem with who the media chooses to glamorize. I have nothing against the people themselves. They are all talented, but my point is, everybody is talented in one way or another. I worry that the media shines such a bright spotlight on such a small group that it discourages others to try to get the most out of life.

Except the world's fastest eater.. she has definitely achieved her best.

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