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jQuery 1.2 Notes

September 11st, 2007

Great news: jQuery 1.2 is out, and the heavily-awaited jQuery UI (an "official" replacement to Interface) will be out on Sunday.

Be sure to have a read of the jQuery 1.2 release notes, but here are a few highlights that I can't wait to use:

Oh, one more thing. If you're used to creating elements in jQuery like this:

var link = $('<a>');

then you need to stop using invalid HTML and either make it XHTML compliant or add a closing tag, otherwise it will break in Internet Explorer. This is true since jQuery version 1.1.4, and I've had to make a lot of changes in my code as a result.

Now any of the following is okay:

// okay, XHTML-style
var xhtmllink = $('<a/>');

// also okay, valid HTML style
var htmllink = $('<a></a>');

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1 . Mauvis at 2007-09-14T01:27:23.000Z


I can't wait for the new jQuery UI!

2 . Asif at 2007-10-23T04:19:17.000Z


I m trying following code using JQuery:
function chk()
url: 'document.xml',
type: 'GET',
dataType: 'xml',
timeout: 1000,
error: function(){
alert('Error loading XML document');
return false;
success: function(xml){
return true;
// do something with xml

However when calling this function does not returns anything (true/false).
Also inside jQuery success:function() we can not initialize any outside global variable.
Please provide solution.