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Microformats Search and Pingerati

June 1st, 2006

Tantek Çelik has just announced the release of Technorati's Microformats Search! Tantek has been the pioneer and mastermind behind microformats. So far, the use of microformats was forward looking, like "One day there will be tools that search the web for microformats, and then all the hCards and hCalendars we're implementing will be useful." Well that day has finally come! Now you can search all the hCards, hEvents and hCalendar objects scattered around the web.

Also significant is the announcement of Pingerati, a ping service to announce the existance of microformats on pages Technorati isn't already indexing with rss (ie. an About page). Yet another useful tool in the microformats toolbelt.

Congratulations, Tantek, and thanks for such a great tool!

Update: Tantek has given a list of acknowledgments and thanks to all the other microformat searches and utilities that others have created thus far.


1 . Kevin Marks on June 1st, 2006

Kevin Marks

Glad you like them. Pingerati is also a way fro anyone else who wants to get microformat pings to be hooked up too.

2 . ilan ver on October 10th, 2010

ilan ver

goood. wery good.

3 . Aniruddh_Samsung on December 4th, 2011


How to use microformat ping service. I do have technorathi account. But not able to find the pinging service

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