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Safari for Windows

June 12nd, 2007

Good news for all Windows-based web developers: Safari for Windows is now available (via).

Hopefully this means that we can make our web sites even more cross-browser (and hopefully doesn't just add another browser with its own quirky differences).


1 . Anders on June 12nd, 2007


Bad news is that it comes loaded with bugs. Feels more like a pre alpha to me.

2 . Juha on June 12nd, 2007


oh, so buggy... and some developers actually using it allready.

3 . Adam on June 14th, 2007


Good News?! C'mon, as if developing for Mac Safari to work with everything else isn't pain enough.

4 . Simone on June 21st, 2007


I develop in Firefox 2 on Windows XP at work, then test afterwards in other browsers. I find that if the site build is perfect in Firefox/Win, it's 99% perfect if not 100% in Safari/Mac. Sometimes the odd minor quirk rears its head - usually down to Safari being super strict and unforgiving. Which is good discipline for coding. So I like Safari. It's easy on me.

However, I don't know if Safari on Windows _can_ be the same as Safari on the Mac...that would be the only reason to port it to Windows IMHO...if it's different in how it handles CSS I'll no doubt be smoking more cigarettes.

5 . Juha on June 26th, 2007


Well... now one my www-pages looks well. But still... more browsers more work...

6 . JDS on June 28th, 2007


Safari for Windows is a good thing how? One more browser with bugs, quirks, and the like to target for cross-browser development?

But at least it is likely better, overall, than MSIE is, was, and continues to be. (Better for developers. I contend that MSIE is and never has been all that bad for average end users)


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